Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pictures from the Past...

Mrs. Anita inspired me to post some old pictures. These are pictures from 3 random years! They are pretty funny! :)

Claire(5), John(2), Me(11), Ben(70) and Jack(the dog) 2005

Me age 9 in 2004
Claire(1) and I(7) in 2002

Claire(1) and Mom 2002

Ben(5) and John(1) in the bath tub in 2005

Ben(3) Devin(14), Me(7), Mom and Claire(1) in 2002!


  1. Wow. You looked a lot different. I love the picture of when you were 9. So cute.

  2. Those are cute pictures, Anna!

  3. Cute pictures, Anna! Ben was 70 in 2005? ;)

  4. Hahaha don`t ya just love those typos! You were just darlin in the pic when you were 9! Hahaha oh my goodness that one of ben is hilarious- LOL!