Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Tall and Tiny Tour

Well, Mrs. Misty, Mom, Catherine (aka tiny), and I went to Mrs. Misty's mother's house this Monday through Thursday. Thanks to J.D. we have a cool name! lol Mom and Mrs. Misty were working on Personhood Mississippi. God really blessed them. While they were working hard, Tiny and I were catching chickens, doin' school, running and hanging out with her cousins! We had a fun time! We went to her cousin Jack and Hayden's house. Mrs. Lee (tiny's aunt) was so sweet and brought us to an arcade! She was very sweet! Tiny and I had a lot of fun............. :)

The Tall and Tiny Tour
Mr. Sammy's and Mrs. Judy's house. (mrs. misty's parents)

Tiny in the front field.......

Silly Tiny!!!!!! lol she has this little rubber thingy on her head! LOL

The barn.

This is the living room and kitchen. they had an awesome house!

If you know C.J.S. you know she loves chickens. This is her hen Henny Penny!

This is Queeny their dog.....

Mr. Sammy has some old car tags in his barn.........

Mrs. Judy had tons of pictures of her grand kids in her house! I love this one!

Look how cute! Left to right: J.D. , Catherine and cousin Hayden. SO CUTE!

Catherine took pictures of tons of stuff! this one she called ''Make a straws day''

The Big foot and The Tiny

Cool car lights


  1. YOUR WEARING YOUR SPARTAN JACKET!!!!! Hahaha I love those! Go Spartans LOL! We missed you at credo today, it wasn`t the same without you :)