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This is a story i'm writing

Chapter 1

Reed Harrison's eyes were stuck. He could not get his eyes off the girl in the corner.
18 year old Reed knew he couldn't go over and talk to her; he was too nervous.
Mrs. Sorrowson walked over to the girl and grabbed her hand. Reed noticed that
the girl kept her head down. Although she kept her head down she easily made her way through
the church full of people. As she followed the widow (Mrs. Sarrowson) through the crowd , Reed heard remarks
like "How dare she come here for church!" and "We don't need one of them in our town." Reed wondered why people
would say these things about the girl. As the widow and the girl got closer Reed realized that the widow was coming to talk
to him! "Reed Harrison, I'd like you to meet Miss Elenore Braston!" Elenore extended her hand but never looked up.
"Please, call me Ellie" she said so softly that Reed hardly heard her. "Since Elenore is blind, she has been workin' as a teacher at the
blind school in Springfield." the widow said in her loud booming voice." She was Mrs. Patterson's granddaughter. Ever since she died , bless
her dear soul, Elenore has been stayin' with me on weekends. See, her parents died about 5 years ago. It was 1817.
She was 14 at the time - ." Mrs. Sorrowson was cut off by Mrs. Darrows loud wail.

Chapter 2

Reed looked to see flames leap from the wall and then to a bench, and like grasshoppers it leapt from bench to bench burning them. The fire must must have started up in the balcony because it started to fall. The whole church was on fire! People rushed out. As soon as they were out, Reed turned around to see Mrs. Sarrowson scream. "She's not here! Elenore! She's still inside! Help me find her! Please, somebody help!
As soon as Reed heard that, he ran back into the flaming church. As he dodged falling planks from the ceiling, he screamed for Ellie. He knew she was blind. That would make it harder for him to get her out. As he looked under a bench covered with fire, he heard a voice behind him. "Reed, I'm over here. Help me, help me." Reed couldn't see straight, the smoke was getting to him. Pulling at him. He followed the weak voice. Finally, he saw a small outline of a person. As he got closer, he could tell it was Ellie, but the body was motionless. Reed picked her up in his big, strong arms and carried her toward the front door. He head was pounding and he could hardly breathe. Just as he was about to reach the door , the remaining part of the balcony fell. There was a hole left, but Reed was 6'5" tall and there was no way he could fit through the hole. Reed's energy was slipping away like a wave on the beach. He turned and headed toward the back door. Reed's lungs were full of smoke. He urged himself on. He had to save Elenore. Just when he thought he was going to collapse, he saw the door. He stumbled through it. After he stepped out of the burning church the whole back wall fell like a tree falling to the ground. Reed refilled his lungs with cool Georgia air.

Chapter 3

As he rounded the corner to the front of the church ,he saw his mother and father and even his little sister,Dot running to him. "Reed!-" his ma said ,but that was all he heard. He ran past them. "Doc! Doc!" he yelled. As soon as he reached Doc , he realized that Ellie was not breathing. His heart skipped a beat. Doc took her from Reed. He hesitated. He didn't want to let her go.
After a while of sitting in Doc's waiting room listening to his mother go on and on about some scratches, Reed went outside. Reed waded into a sea of wild flowers. The field streched across the old church yard behind Doc's. Reed picked a big bunch of the flowers, tied them with a bit of twine he had in his pocket and headed back to Doc's house. When he walked in the door he almost ran over Doc.
"Well, son ya tryin' to kill me ?" Doc joked, "Ellenore is awake and doing fine. You wanna go in and see her?" The smile on Reed's face answered for him. When Reed went in, Ellie had on a clean dress and had her hair pulled back in a bun. "I'm your ok , Ellie." Reed said nervously. "These are for you ." He said handing her the wild flowers. Ellie's face lit up like the mornin' sky. She rubbed her hand over the flowers and said, "Reed, they're so beautiful. Thank you so much for saving me. Mrs. Sarrowson said you were in that smoke for 30 minutes. It was thick as a brick. How did you breathe?"Reed realized at that moment that he had not breathed barely any. "God did most of it for me, I guess."

Chapter 4

Mrs. Sarrowson came over and hugged Reed so hard he could hardly breathe! "Reed, my boy, you saved my Ellenore's life!" She said after letting her grasp on Reed go. "You'll come to supper soon won't you? That's a good boy."
Reed nodded in agreement. After a while, Mrs. Sarrowson went to gather up Ellie's burned clothes and said to Reed "Sweet heart , Ellie has GOT to go back to Springfield this afternoon and I am just plum worn out! Could you be kind enough to take her?" Reed looked a Ellie ,who was still holding her flowers and said "Well , there is no reason for me to go home and then come right back to town to get Ellie I'll just - " Mrs. Sarrowson interrupted with a loud chuckle "Ho Ho! No, sonny, you'll come home with us" Reed smiled, slapped his suspenders and said "I'll go get the team*. Will ya'll be ready in about 10 minutes?" In a second, Reed , Ellie and Mrs. Sarrowson were on the way to the old Sarrowson place.
When they arrived, Reed realized he was in just burnt rags. "Um... Mrs. Sarrowson... ma'am....I ...uh....kinda need some new duds*. I don't think you have any lying around do ya?" Mrs. Sarrowson provided him with her late husband's clothes.
Reed ate a late lunch and started to doze in a chair in the parlor* when Ellie began to play the pump-organ*. "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are gray......." Reed loved the sound of Ellie's voice- it was like a whippoorwill that he heard in the morning.
* 1. From 1800-1920 two horses that would drive a wagon would be called a team.
2. Clothes were referred to (by cow-boys) as duds
3. A parlor is like a living room
4. Pump-organ is like piano but you pump it up with air before you play it

Chapter 5

"Reed, it's about time to be getting to Springfield." The widow said as she shook Reed back into her world. Reed was having a weird dream about a woman crying. He thought nothing about it. After Ellie got her stuff together ,Reed helped her into the wagon. Ellie's hands were as soft as cotton to Reed's calloused ones. But Reed would rather have calloused hands than the wimpy hands of a city boy. Reed and Ellie set off on their way to Springfield. "Reed, when I was 14, my ma , pa and I went to Boston. It was so different than here. So we couldn't stay. My ma missed the marshes and the smell of the wildflowers that grew near the pond. We had lived in Yorkford,Georgia before, so we were going to go to live there. But we never made it back. When we got to Springfield my ma got the fever. It killed ma and pa and left me blind. It was the worst thing that could ever happen to me. I wish......" Ellie's voice trailed off. "What?" Reed asked, "What do you wish?" He thought of so many things she could want. "I want to have a real family again. If ma or pa had lived- that would be enough. I just don't want people to look down on me." A tear ran from Ellie's gray eyes down her cheek. "Why would someone look down on you? There is no shame in being blind. you can't help it!" Reed's thought of the people that were at the church. "Reed," Ellie said softly,"My mother was a Creek indian."

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