Friday, April 10, 2009

Something from my old blog

This is a long quote ,but a good one. I don't know this wise girl's name! :( but she is a very good girl indeed.

The Father-Daughter retreat made me think about - you guessed it - the pop star Hannah Montana.The life of Hannah Montana is the 'ideal' life for grade school girls across America.Why? Because half of the time, she gets to be a 'normal' teenager - an eye-rolling, arguing, disrespectful teenager.And the other half of the time, she is a world famous rock star, has everything she wants at a wave of her hand, and has all the boys and friends.Christian families think this is okay.It is NOT!Remember what I said a few posts ago about 'feeling fair' and 'looking foul'?Well this girl is like the White Witch - 'looking fair', but she 'feels foul.'Why? you might say.She's just a teen girl who can (or can't) sing!What's wrong with that?Her songs are all about girl power and realizing that boys aren't gross.I repeat: What's wrong with that?Well, let me rephrase it.Her songs are all about femenism, and being boy-crazy.Around Christmas time, I went into a very unwise Disney-freak stage.I loved Disney! Singers, etc. and every time I watched a movie with one of the Disney stars in it, I would squeal and go "Oh, look! It's Selena Gomez!" or "Oh, look, it's Jesse McCartney!"Fortunately for me, that didn't last very long.But while I had it, I got a DisneyJams CD, and on it was the Hannah Montana song, 'G. N. O' which stands for 'Girl's Night Out."You wanna know what it says?"Don't call me leave me alone, I'm not gonna answer my phone, cuz I won't, and I don't, need you, hoo-hoo, I'm out to have a good time, to get you off of my mind..."and then later it says "I'll dance with somebody new, won't have to think about you..."And Christian parents are letting their little girls watch, listen to, and obsess over this!?But wait, it gets better (or worse).Suddenly near the end of the song, she starts talking in a sultry, mocking voice, and what does she say? "Hey, boy, don't you wish you coulda been a good boy? Try and find another girl like me, boy. You owe me when I tell you I am fine and it's time for me to draw the line..." repeat.Sometimes I wish I didn't memorize songs after hearing them once or twice, but I do.But, WHAT IS UP WITH THIS!?Is that the attitude girls should take with boys? 'There are plenty of fish in the sea, just waiting to be hooked by you for a while, until you let it go and catch another?'No, no, no, no, NO!!This is dangerous stuff! This is like somebody taking poison, coating it with sugar, and saying "here, it's sweet! Nothing wrong with it."Hannah Montana may taste good, but she's a poison as sure as I am sitting here - a slow-killing poison, like an IV drip that is slowly dripping drop after drop of sugared-up sin until it spreads throughout your system and you wish you hadn't ever taken that first drop.Now, not ALL of her songs are bad, not ALL about her is bad.But it's bad enough.She is NOT a good role model, whatever! And she can't even sing well! That is MY personal opinion, anyway.So stay away from the bad stuff. There's plenty of good stuff out there, if you just look for it.

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