Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tag from Hannah

1. What time is your bedtime on a school night? any time i'm sleepy
2. What time is your bedtime on the weekends? the same
3. What is your least favorite school subject(s)? writing
4. What is the song stuck in your head? Sunshine Day by the Brady Bunch
5. What the last movie watched? The Mandie Movie
6. What is your favorite movie right now? idk
7. What do you think will be the next movie you watch that you haven't before?Alice in Wonderland
8. Do you like action or romance movies? both
9. Do you like tagging and being tagged? both
10. What are you doing right now besides doing this tag? nothing
11. What has been your favorite question so far? 4
12. Do you make templates? No
13. Where do you get your from templates from most of the time? Cutest blog on the block
14. Which original HSB template is your favorite? I don't use Home School Blogger any more
15. Do you draw? sometimes
16. If so, what is your specialty in drawing? women's faces
17. Are you a professional artist? No
18. Do you sing? don't want to hear me though
19. What is your favorite channel to watch on TV? SKYANGEL!
20. What is your favorite show on that channel? The Home School Channel
21. Do you type fast? not really
22. Are you an author? i like to write stories
23. Do you write stories? haha yes
24. What is your favorite blog with a bunch of pictures on it? ooh! i like lots
25. Ever dove in 10 feet of goop? Nope
26. Do you know how to swim? Yes!
27. Do you play video games? only Wii
28. Do you LIKE playing video games?only Wii
29. What is your favorite video game? Wii Sports
30. Who was the last friend on HSB that you talked to? J.C.
31. What did you eat for breakfast? nothing
32. What is your favorite drink?RootBeer
33. Do you dance? no
34. What text talk do you use the most? don't text much
35. What was the last thing a friend told you? ok
36. Who was the first friend you made on HSB? Chezdak
37. Who was the most recent friend you made on HSB? I don't remember
38. What was the last profile you looked at? Hannah B.
39. Do you know anything in spanish? Si`
40. What is a foreign language that you use frequently? english
43. Do you make a lot of mistakes while typing?yelsi Ik duo
44. Any siblings? Yes
45. Ever fallen off a cliff? nope
46. Ever punched a pillow? Yes
48. What time is it? 6:17
49. Got your own room? nope
50. Favorite color? Purple
51. Pet peeve?chocolate cake
52. When was the last time you cried? 10 minutes ago
53. What was the weirdest name you'd ever heard in your life? Lavern
54. Which parent of yours cooks dinner most of the time? Mom
55. Name 5 things that pop into your head when I say, "The pig blew down the house with his big, fat hoof." weird, crazy,wacko,dumb and whoever wrote this is a nut!
56. How do you make your eggs, sausage etc.? EW!!!
57. Who was the last person you text? Brooklyn
58. Who is the last person you hugged? TINY!
59. Last thing you ate? Chili
60.(Last question) Who ya gonna tag? whoever wants to!

1 comment:

  1. Hey! Your pet peeve is chocolate cake?!?!? What? I also got tickled about, "when's the last time you cried?....TEN MINUETS AGO." I am sorry you were crying...hopefully it was just over a broken You are too funny. But really, I hope nothing serious happened. (my FAVORITE pencil, noooooo)
    Love you