Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Shirley Temple

I have been watching and reading a lot about Shirley Temple Black. She had a very interesting life and is my favorite actress from the 30's through 60's. She was a little cutie went she was little and beautiful when she got older and still is. Here are some pictures of her through life.

Shirley when she was 18 months old.
here she is at five. ''oh my goodness''

here she is at 12. she is growing up!

here she is at about 17. she is all grown up and married to Jack Agar
here she is about 4 years later, with her second child. now married to Charlie Black

most recent picture i could fine of her. still very beautiful


  1. I love that five year old picture of her! She is a very pretty woman!

  2. I LOVE Shirley Temple Black. She looked so grownup at twelve! She is a beautiful woman.
    "Animal crackerin my soup do funny things to me. They make me think my neighbor hood is a big manasuree..."

  3. Hey Diana!
    After I saw this cute post, it made me think of you doing a post about Anne of Green Gables. What do you think? - You and me are getting together soon for a weekend! Okay! :D -
    Your Kindred Spirit,

  4. Anna, that is a awsome post!!! I love Shirley Temple!!! I hope to see you soon...