Saturday, December 12, 2009

Interview with Tiny

1. What are you doing right know?
Answering questions

2. What is your favorite non-running quote?
''If you jump off a cliff I'll miss your emails'' ~Mo

3. What is your favorite color (besides blue) ?

4. What is your hobby?

5. If you could be anywhere right know where would that be?

6. If you could change any thing about yourself what would you change?
My height

7. How old were you when you were saved?

8. How tall are you?
4' 10''

9. What is your favorite song?
''The Fox''

10. Have you ever lived out side of the USA? (duh) For how long?
2 years

11. What is your favorite Bible verse?
Romans 5:15

12. What is the longest you've ever run?
8 miles

13. What is your most exciting moment?
The Sherman 5K

14. Who is the closest to you? Like who knows the most about you? Besides God.....
Katie S.

15. What is the most random thing you can think of?
The hot-dog to hot-dog bun ratio, why for the love of mustard are there never enough buns?


  1. Hahaha, I love that kid. #15 is the best. Thanks for sharing, Anna Beth. :)

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