Friday, November 27, 2009

Tag from sweet Martha

Say which one you prefer

(1)Candy or chocolate? candy... yum, yum bubble gum
(2)Long and slow run, or short and fast?long and slow.....I am not a object of speed and aerodynamics
(3)Pet bird or pet fish?neither! eww!
(4)Hot weather or freezing weather?Hot........who wants cold and no XC?
(5)crispy or soft cookies?soft and chewy! :)
(6)Colored pencils or crayons? colored pencils.
(7)knitting or crocheting? Both ....since i just learn how to crochet properly
(8)taking a picture of someone, or getting your picture taken? idk
(9)necklace or bracelet? both make me more beautiful! JK!!!!!!! ;)
(10)county or city? i'm proud to a be a country girl where at least i know i'm free!

I am going to tag...Reese (just email me your answers)


  1. Dear Abbs, You are so sweet to put your title as (From sweet Martha) your the best friend any one could ask for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your Spartan Sis,

  2. Dear Abbs, I keep trying to get a new background but it is not working:( can you help me?