Wednesday, October 14, 2009

MC meet!

Long time no post! lol Sorry I haven't posted in a while...We have been VERY busy! Last Saturday our XC went to MC! Our girls team won 2nd over all! I had sooo much fun cheering people on! We hung around the tent before the race! The girls had a crochet party! It was awesome fun!
~Anna Beth

Pep talk time!
Crochet party!

the Spartan tent
Zac (red coat) and Cale chillin' before the run (i am not really in any of these pics, but i'm sitting behind Zac in this you can kinda see me)
Varsity boys

Varsity girls

This is my favorite pic of the boys ever! they are praying before they run. That is one thing we always do before the run. Just that God will give us safety and strength.

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