Sunday, June 14, 2009

Running Camp!

I have been to running camp! I had soooo much fun! The boys went Sunday to Wednesday at noon and the girls went Wednesday at noon to Saturday. We ran each day and did lots of different stretches! It was at one of our friends cabin! We got to swim each day in the lake! We had a Bible study each night! I had a great time and was blessed to be able to have gone!
~Anna Beth~

The Spartan girls:

We had a contest to see who could get the most sea-weed out of the lake and the girls won! (it was boys vs. girls)

Julie, Kirsten, Me and Martha made a skit about 'shoes' (one of our activities)

Sitting on our sea-weed


Doing cool stretches and things to get us stronger
Making posters
Playing fun games to help us trust our team

There was a sandy place at the lake that we went to everyday!

This is us doing stretches:


  1. Love the pictures! I am going to send your mom the link to access all 510 pictures, so feel free to change any of them that you want. I really enjoyed getting to know you better and hope that you continue to enjoy running. Hope to see you soon.

  2. You may look at my blog, the address is . I enjoyed running with you today.

  3. Looked Like Y'all Had Fun! We Went to Church Camp instead! It Was Great to See You Tuesday!

    See You at Our Next Practice!!!