Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pics from trip - starting from MHEA!

Us at MHEA:


Eating with friends:

We stayed at Grove Park Inn!

The Family pic:


Looking at a model of Grove Park Inn:

John, Me, Claire and Ben ''talking'' on old phones at the old hotel:

Pretty trees outside the hotel:

Random pics in random places!

My hand and very pretty flowers on a trail we went on:

Ben, me, dad and John panning for gold (very bad pic of me):

Me , Ben and Claire with Indian braves:

Ben and Claire at one of the rivers we stopped at:

We went to the Tennessee Aquarium Thursday!

Ben looking at the penguins:

Ben and Claire petting a snake:

Cool fish and one huge turtle:

Claire and John petting a shark:

We went to the Space Center Friday (on the way home).

This is Ben, Claire, John, Me and Dad in front of a Moon Rover!

Claire climbing the rock-wall:

Ben and I about to ride the Space Shot:

Going up:

Ben and I coming down at full speed:

Dad and Claire under a rocket:


  1. Dear Manna, I hope you had fun. love ya, Marty

  2. Dear Manna,thanks for the comment. And your cat is so cute. love,Marty