Friday, April 17, 2009

You might find this very amazing!

This is a true story that I just put into words! I hope everyone knows who Steven Curtis Chapman is! lol

In the Main.
~Aslans's Daughter~

Hey!" Danielle said as a lady stepped in front of her. People had been cutting her and her brother in the line for the rest-room. It was 1:30 am and Danielle and her family were on there way to New Zealand. She was tired and was ready to go to sleep. "Danielle ,Corbin, what's taking so long?" Danielle's mom ask. As Danielle told her the problem her eyes wondered over to see a man talking. She was so shocked to realize who it was! "Mama! Look!" She said with an excited look on her face. "That's Steven Curtis Chapman!" Danielle's mom just look tired and said "No, Danielle that is not Steven Curtis Chapman." she was getting a little frustrated. "Mama ,ask him! I think it is! Danielle said with a grin. So Danielle,Corbin and there mom went over to ask the man. "Sir may I ask you question? " Danielle's mom said. "Sure" said the man. "My daughter think s your Steven Curtis Chapman!" She said very sarcastically. The man smiled and said "That's because I am!" Danielle freaked."Wow!" THE END


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