Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A ton of pictures

We have been SOOO busy! There is so much to post about! Here are some pics. I'll tell about the happenings with the pic!

~Aslan's Daughter~

This is my hand......
This is Mitchell Chunn asleep. He is so cute

The moms on the side of the road waiting ( i'll tell you why in a minute)

Margaret Chunn's, Mine and Martha 's hands. We have on our friendship rings

See our rings?

This is why the moms were waiting: the Chunn's car broke down on the way home from Jackson

At the Capital, in Jackson!

Visiting a musem

At the science musem

Look a snake!

John and Jerome

Me being interviewed for the Homeschool Channel

The film crew! LOL

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  1. Hey! I think I recognized the film crew!! They are out again this morning interviewing another family. Hope you all go rested from your adventures and mis-adventures of Monday. See you tomorrow.