Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sad news

Dear Viewers,

I hate to say that Skandar Keynes (or Edmund) has strongly stated that he believes in Darwins theory. I am a fan of all of the cast of Narnia and am sad to hear this so I wrote him a a letter. (which I haev sent to him) his letter is telling him about our wonderful Lord , Jesus Christ. Here's the letter if you want to read it.

In the Main,
~Aslan's Daughter~

Dear Skandar,
I am a huge fan of Narnia. It is so wonderful that you are Edmund!
Edmund had always been my favorite of the Pevensies. Aslan
is so majestic in the movie! I think if C.S. Lewis ever saw the movie he would love it! You , Georgie , Will , Anna , Ben and all the other actors did a great job! I have heard that you are an atheist. That makes my heart quake! For you are my favorite actor! And there certainly is a God! You might be wanting to tear this letter up,but please read the rest. C.S. Lewis wrote the Narnia books based on the Bible,which you may or may not know, is all about God and His Son. Now there are many religions. I can see how hard it would be to pick which one! I know which religion is true!
It's Christianity. You might be thinking that I don't know. You might even think there is no way to know which one is true. The sensible thing to do is to learn and read about which religion makes more sense. Now Charles Darwin's theory is not a religion. I do not think that we could ever have come from apes! We are too complex! There are many sensible questions that people could ask that makes his theory sound ridiculous. God made the earth. You can read about it in Genesis.There are some great radio dramas that are about Darwin's theory vs. Creation. The series is called Jonathan Park.
This series is filled with mysteries and is stuffed with cool facts about
Creation and Evolution.
If you are interested in them you can go to to get the the first volume.If for some reason can't get it I will be happy to send the first volume to you!
Please know that God loves you! Skandar , you are a sinner. You might be thinking that you have not done anything so bad! Well,have you ever stolen any thing? A piece of paper from your friend? Have you ever lied? Maybe just a little lie to get out of trouble ?
Do you hate some one?
It is so hard not to.
Well then you have sinned. You have sinned against the God that gave life , breath and every good thing you have. God made every thing! Every thing is His. You have sinned against Him!
You have rebuked the God who could kill you any moment! As I have told you God loves you , so He would not kill you . But you need to be sorry for your horrible
sins. I don't know you and I don't know what your thoughts are ,so I can't tell if you have sinned greatly or not. God knows,He knows your every thoughts ,movement & He knows and hears every word that comes from your mouth. Every person has sinned. ''For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God'' Romans 3:23. I have sinned greatly. I and every person deserves death. ''For the wages of sin is death'' Romans 6:23. Now I am going to tell you the story of God and His son Jesus,while telling how it is like Narnia.Since we have sinned we are going to hell.It is a horrible place.The white witches castle is what C.S. Lewis was referring too.Hell is a place of fire though. There is a law that states that there must be a shedding of blood to take the away the sin. But, not just any man's blood , the blood of a man who has never sinned!There is no man on earth that has not sinned.
So God sent His Son to die! His only Son! Aslan is representing
Jesus,God's Son. Since Jesus died and took on sin in our place, since Aslan took Edmund's place and took on his sin we and Edmund don't have to go to hell.
God loved you and all the people in the world so much that he gave His Holy Son up. '' For God so loved the world that he gave only Son that who ever believes in Him will not die but have eternal life''John 3:16 Skandar if you love,honor,obey and repent of your sins to God you will have eternal life and the right into heaven. As Edmund got to live and become king. If you pray that God will forgive you of your sins and that he will give you eternal life ,you will get it. PLEASE pray daily that God will change your heart , for you heart is evil. Every one's is.
''For the heart is deceitful above all thing and desperately wicked who can know it'' Jeremiah 17:9
I pray every day that God will change you and mold you and bring you to Him.
Skandar if you don't have a Bible PLEASE get one and PLEASE read it! It will guide you through life.It will help you with your hard times. God and His Son will. Not the Bible. God will speak to you through it.Oh ,Skandar, God is real and I hope He will touch your life and make Him self real to you!
Anna Beth

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